05 August 2005

Among mobile multimedia services, young American adults favour radio and music downloads

Asked to rate various mobile services delivering multimedia contents, adolescents and young adults between 13 and 34 years old expressed most interest for commercial-free radio (40%, of the 1.000 mobile phone users surveyed) and music downloads (35%). Concerning pricing:

Paul Petersky, TMNG's vice-president of market research, said that survey respondents preferred the idea of paying 99 cents per song for music downloads rather than $19.95 monthlly for up to 30 song downloads.

Looking at video-based services, the survey found stronger interest for free ad-supported mobile video service (40%) as opposed to monthly subscriptions (of $4) or pay per video clip (30 cents) (less than 20% are very or extremely likely).

And looking at multiplayer video games, the survey found that 21% of respondents were very interested, mostly teenage respondents.

The research was carried out in early 2005 by The Network Management Group - via Reuters Young mobile users most interested in music-survey (26-05-05).

In the US, girls favour cellphones and boys handheld gaming device and MP3 players

Surveying electronic devices ownership among girls and boys between 8 and 18 years of age, the Kaiser Family Foundation (March 2005) - via eMarketer, 29-06-05 - found some clear gender differences.

Whereas girls and boys are equally likely to own a portable CD/tape player (61%), a PDA (11%) and a laptop (girls 11%; boys 14%), more girls own a cellphone (42% vs 35%) while more boys own handheld video games (63% vs 48%) and MP3 players (21% vs 14%).

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