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20 January 2005

Innovation in the gym: exercising and playing

Health warnings abound in the media that more and more children are overweight and don't exercise enough. To encourage children to become regulars of its Lifestyles fitness centres, at the end of 2004 Liverpool City Council (via Digital-Lifestyles.info) installed treadmills, rowing machines and cycles with games consoles. The innovation has been well received by both parents and children and children usage has increased 15% over the same period a year earlier.

Keen children are given an introduction session which runs between 4 - 5:30 daily and are then free to choose from a selection of 30 games supplied by the venue. Hurst (Operations manager of sport and recreation service) said they've made the decision to currently not let the children bring in their own games, so they have some control over the type of game being played. Once the game has been selected it has to be setup by the fitness instructor.

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