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19 January 2005

DSL subscribers in 2004 - worldwide

DSL Forum and Point Topic data (presented in Global DSL soars 40 percent in first three quarters 2004) estimate the total number of DSL subscribers to be 85,3 M worlwide. A year earlier they were 54,6 M (+56% growth).

Whereas in the US cable modem subscribers outnumber DSL ones (over 19 M vs. 12,6 M), in the rest of the world DSL subscribers are about twice more numerous than cable modem ones. Very large differences in DSL adoption exist between regions:

EU, 26,5 M
Asia Pacific, 24 M
North America, 15 M
South & South-East Asia, 14,6 M
Latin America, 2,8 M
Other Europe, 1,2 M
Middle East & Africa, 860k

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