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16 December 2004

New York Times Firefox ad published today

Good timing for the publication of the Firefox ad on the New York Times, an ad paid for and designed by the Spreadfirefox community.

Since the 11th in fact the Spreadfirefox site counter has kept adding downloads but at a  somehow slower pace. The average number of downloads has been about 200k per day over the past four days (from a low of 180k to a high of 230k) compared to 220k on average in the previous ten days

I'm looking forward to the immediate effect that the NYT Firefox ad will have on the number of people switching browser in the next couple of days and on the longer term viral effect it will hopefully generate.

There has been a precursor. The Mozilla Europe community financed and designed a Firefox ad which appeared on the December 2nd Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Does anyone know what kind of effect the ad had on Firefox adoption in Germany?

It seems to me very important to understand the roles that traditional  mass-media and web-based community and one-to-one media play in the diffusion of innovation. Especially, as in this case, when they are combined.


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