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21 December 2004

Internet adoption - Egypt 1.0

The Arab Advisors Group estimates that the number of Internet users in Egypt (Population circa 73 M) was 1.94 M by end 2003 (growth projection is 5.6 M by end 2008) and the number of Internet accounts was 647,000 by end 2003 (projection of 1.9 M by end 2008).

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MCIT) has launched several initiatives to accelerate the growth of the Internet market, by making the service affordable to end users. The Free Internet Initiative, which was launched in January 2002, has enabled users to access the Internet from any phone line, without the need for a dial-up subscription, and for the cost of a local phone call, which is EGP 1.23 ($ 0.2) per hour. The total number of unique diallers has reached 1,013,459 by end August 2004, with a total of 782,011,194 minutes.

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