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08 November 2004

Mid-2004 worldwide adoption of mobile telecom services

The numbers add up with GSM and WCDMA presents a synthetic worldwide view of mobile telecom services subscribers and analyses the case of GSM penetration in different geographical areas.




At the beginning of the year, there were more than 1 billion GSM subscribers. In June, this number had grown of another 11%.

The majority of GSM subscribers is still in Europe (500M) with Eastern Europe significantly contributing to the growth. There are more than 50M subscribers in Russia.

GSM users concentrate in China where there were 264M end of June, whereas in India, there were 30M GSM subscribers.

In the North, the number of GSM subscribers was 40.3M, of whom 37M were in the USA. In the Centre and South, there were 36M subscribers, of whom 11.7M are in Brazil.

The article indicates that a significant part of the mobile communication subscribers base growth is due to GSM and the new WCDMA standards.

Where: worldwide (except Africa)
When: June 2004


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