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19 October 2004

The proactive consumer : online research as part of purchasing behaviour

The 2004 American Interactive Consumer Survey by The Dieringer Research Group, a yearly survey started in 1995, studies 3.000 US adults online and offline purchasing behaviour and assesses how the Internet influences their behaviour either directly - online sales - or indirectly - offline sales. Compared to the previous years, 2004 has seen a significant increase in the Internet driver of offline purchases. It is estimated that for 1$ consumers spend directly online, 1$70 dollars are spent offline after some Internet research. In a year, Internet-influenced offline spending has grown 31% versus 14% of direct online sales. This phenomenon is reported to be even more pronounced when what is purchased are financial and insurance products and services. In 2004, 20.5 M US adults used the Internet for financial and insurance product information compared to 12.6 in 2003.

Where: US
When: June 2004

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